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Sunday, October 02, 2005

About 5 yrs ago, a guy named DyLan and a girL named Janet met each other thru Buddhist Society, a club in NUS.. They started off as good frenz and den as time passes, their frenship bLossoms and soon they become a coupLe.. it was a rather pLeasant surprise for their frenz to see dat happenin.. so after 4 yrs of courtship, DyLan proposes to Janet one day.. it's just like the tradition scenario where DyLan knelt down w one hand holdin on to the proposed ring.. hOw sweet! so Janet agreed and they decides to held their ROM wedding on the 29th sept 05 (thu)..

Marriage is an eternal binding and the legal union of a man and woman as husband and wife. it's one of the important events in one's Life and it takes much consideration to make such a decision to be with someone legally for life. i beLieve mOi sister is v much in Love and i'm very happy for her. it's not easy to find someone whom loves you as much as you do and whom you know you can and would like to live with for the rest of your life. As there's this sayin, " Dun live w someone u can live with, but someone u cannot live w/o".. how true.. i guess it's not something dat everyone cud achieve.. i've heard too many cases where ppLe actually marries their 2nd choice, from this i meant dat pple dun always marry someone whom they love the most..

Nevertheless, i guess being married to each other, tolerating their difference in habits and lifestyle is not easy.. hence aLL shud realli cherish their partner and their relationship no matter what haapens and whom they r married to. Aniwae here's just mOi two cents worth of thots.

Back to mOi sis's ROM wedding.. heh.. bro came Temasek to fetch mi and we reached there just on time.. i almost couldn't recognise Janet.. she's v beautiful that day.. i guess aLL brides-to-be will have a kind of glow in them and they always look beautiful.. (okay, i admit there's some exception but let us just shut-up abt those kae?)

i borrowed a video cam from mi fren, thinkin i could capture everything in the video cam den burn into a cd and give to Janet as a gift or it cud serve its purpose as a memory too.. BUT.. in the end i thot recordin everything oso a bit bo liao so i onli record the "exchanged rings cermony".. 6 plus min nia.. diaao -_-"

i've been to 3 such ceremonys before, 1st is mOi da jie (Annie), 2nd is mOi fren's bro (Kian Huat aka Gary) and 3rd is Janet.. each time i go, i wud have the feeling machiam like, "i wanna get married too!" it's realli a very sweet and memorable moment when you see the couple sayin the wedding oaths, exchangin the rings and the groom will kiss the bride.. Awww... so envious.. muahaha.. dun worry, i'm not desperate to get married so soon.. haa..

after the ceremony, we proceed on to takin pictures at where else but fortcanning park? weLL, all newly wed will aLways go there.. prob it's a nice place? or prob tt's the onli place? haha.. yup so after everything we drive down to a nearby hotel called "Grand hotel Parkroyal".. it's located opposite The Peninsular. it's a freakin nice place!! and i can see that it's quite an expensive place.. the cars parked in the carpark are like woah~! i swear i saw a lot of very cooL cars but cant rem the names dat mi bro-in-law (Chin Soon) told mi.. (very bad a the car brands and names..) the car owners r all like filthy RICH! Aniwae we had buffet dinner there.. the ambience is realli quite good and the food is quite nice too.. heh.. thank you for the treat mi sis and bro-in-law! *mmuackx*

i must say the day end w a good note.. everyone is satisfied w the food and most importantly the happy event dat they witnessed earlier in the day! =) i am happy! alrite, below are some pictures to feast ur eyes.. (got a lot more, but cant possibly put all of them up!) heehee.. Gtg out w mi *Dear oredi! ciaox~

Waiting for their turn to come.. so exciting!!

Let us weLcome the newly wed coupLe!!=)

mOi beautifuL sister.. =)

Lookin in the same direction of their future!

fort canning centre..

mOi famiLy..^_-

now DyLan's family..

isn't the background nice? taken by the courtesy of Annie..

Lookin passionately in each others' eyes? Dylan is feelin so hot!

mOi sis complains tt her legs r v tired from all the photo-takin..

hOw can i not take picture w the bride?

here's mi Kor.. i like the background =)

the backdrop is damn nice! their ROM wedding..

Grand Hotel Parkroyal

Main Lounge for restin..

The outside view of the dinning area.. isn't it a nce place to dine in? =)

me and mOi mommy! *smiles*

mOi father w his rather cute smile.. and mOi!

Annie and Chin SoOn

mOi Lovable Mum and Dad..

Lastly, the newLy wed again!! =D

-Sign Off @ 9:26 AM :)