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nothing much...
Wednesday, January 16, 2008

.. i just feel like visiting my blog and type some nonsense.. haha

no la cos a few of you complain that i do not blog anymore so just thot it'll be good to come back too.. anyway i'm realy excited abt this sunday. it's like 4 days away and it's really crucial. WE ALL WANT THIS BADLY. i think. i really hope we wil get in finals. well, we will rite, gals? hope my stamina does not fail on me, cant afford to make any mistakes!

lately, i'm seriously busy with dance that i feel i am gg to fall sick any moment! but i jolly well know that i cant especially these two months cos there are just too many impt stuff going on. i am exhausted every single day, to the point that i can fall asleep instantly once i hit the bed. Lucky funka will end in two weeks time. after which will be Th dance and well, evocation.. gonna be tough again! and IHG vball is in feb too! (despite me not in main team, still gotta train rite?) But i'm missing and will be missing quite a lot of trainings too.. :( roar!

and i am sick of choreographing alr man.. dun like some of my choreo.. seriously i like the formation more than the choreography la. sucks. i dun even feel like dancing my own item. sigh. i feel that i can dance better in other's items rather than my own. weird rite? but it's true. it's nice to watch other pple do ur dance and look good. dunno why this time i tried dancing with the rest but i forgot almost half of the steps. argh so frustrating, i am so used to watching the rest dancing... yes i love and i hate to choreo. but i know this time i gotta do it well. i have to and i want to. but cos of these reason, all the more i feel like quitting at times. cos i feel i cant do a perfect job. all the more i want it well, all the more i am demoralised. i'm really not cut out to choreograph la. prefer to learn dance from others. sorry that i sound so discouraging and depressing.

aiya but all i've all this upon myself la.. who ask me join so many things. last year last chance. i'll really MISS all these things once i graduate. this is so sad.. sobs* since it's my last semester alr, i really wanna work hard and do well! never really work hard for a semester and obtain decent grades before.. this is my last chance!!

okay til this point, i am actually getting bored with myself... about what i've typed so far.. aiyo super naggy.. my blog is getting so uninteresting! time to add in more pics... "ya ya ya always say wanna add pics den also never!" yes i heard some of you saying alr.. sure sure.. i'll try my best kaes?

aights, i realised i have written a whole lot of shit.. always lidat, rambling on and on even thou i really had nothing much in mind to type initially. hahas. kk i go take a nap le.. got dance again later.. sians.. no la i am not really that sian of dance, cos dance makes mi forget unhappy worries and stuff.. yea most imptly i dance to enjoy so..

i LOVE dancing! yeah!

-Sign Off @ 1:00 PM :)