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my busy life + CNY + Vday
Saturday, February 16, 2008

oh my so long never blog le.. anyway been very very busy (as usual) with dance ensemble, TH DP, IHG and school work.. really going crazy with so much things pilling up.. my webcasts, readings, dance/choreo stuff... i nearly broke down last nite while staring at my tutorial, with not even the slightest idea abt the damn module (nv go lect, nv watch webcasts, nv even buy the textbook).

but well, ive survived thru.. but seriously i am still contemplating quitting DE.. quitting evocation.. partly cos i am really stressful for Maud's item cos it's very technical and i am not that flexible.. and partly cos i am really very tired.. and of cos very very worried abt my studies. even though its my last semester alr, and i can SU two modules, i am still very stress cos i totally dunno what that two modules are abt. initially thot can slack a bit more since i can SU, but when facing the reality, it's not really so.. i still gotta study okay. erps.

aiya.. 3 weeks more la.. persevere for 3 more weeks and DP and evo will be over. DU is okay la, so not much to worry abt. but then, after all these, meant it's all studies and i will be graduating. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! what am i gg to do after grad?? NO IDEA.

roar! dun wanna think abt unhappy things now.. maybe i shud change the mood abit. talk abt CNY and Vday den..

well went to relatives place on first day.. not much of fun just for the ang paos lor.. haha! cos usually all the relatives will gather at this particular Ah Gor's place. den second day, it's others visiting my place.. can you imagine i gotta do my project assignment on second day of CNY lor.. it was a good thing that afte rthat i met up with my frens in the evening and we gambled at one of their house. played Ban Luck and i lost quite a bit! lucky we switch to Texas Poker after that which i recoup my losses and won quite a bit! haha.. it was really luck plus taking risks man.. third day of CNY, went over to another relatives' place den Kevin came over my place to visit my parents for the first time..hmm i would think it's quite a pleasant visit and i am quite amazed by the amount of Chinese Kevin had speak in a short span of 1 hour! haha! ;) den went over to his place to visit his parents as well as celebrate his mum's bdae. i stayed over that night and on the 4th day of CNY, it was 2 rounds of MJ with his parents and it was quite fun! haha.. my luck was seriously quite good that day! won abt 10 bucks from Kevin even thou the rate is like 10 cents 20 cents. hehe.. did not take many photos so here's the miserable few. haa..

can see all are taken on the same days.. haha

darling can be quite cute at times! :) (pls pardon my super uber big round face.)

den it's Vday! well, i was really quite effort and went Ikea and Clementi to buy materials to make something for him to memorate this special day. den did my artpiece a few hours the night before vday! i am quite pleased with my masterpiece actually! you can see i am still in my vball jerseys which i have wore for IHG as well as dance tt nite. so smelly and uncomfortable! but i told myself i have to finish it by tt nite so i can gave him once it strikes midnite. :)

tadaa! very proud of my masterpiece. the rose took me damn long la and the paint kept dropping!
can you see my super tired face and my damn messy hair? erps.

on Vday itself, we went to Suntec and Raffles City to walk around looking for my wallet as well as shopping! i bought myself an Adidas jacket. very prettay!! yay! we went Sushi Tei for dinner and ice-cream at Ben & Jerry's. it as definitely a well-deserving dinner and dessert! cant believe we eat a lot! hehe. i had a wonderful day! *beaming*


ooh.. i love strawberry cheesecake, and chunky monkey and chocolate fudge! :)

in the end, Kevin got me the wallet which i loved it! and for his present i sponsored partial amount for his STORM tennis racket. haha til now he still say he very LUGI. kept on saying LG LG LG. well it's true... Life's good.... to me! hahahahahahahaha...

on another note.. dance productions in 12 days time! so excited! are you coming?? i hope you are. cos i think it would be quite a good show. hehe. so see you all on the 28th and 29th @ BTC auditorium! here's the mega poster/banner..
with our danceheads! Yayi and Kuan Lye.

and with some of the dancers! :) thanks ah the photographer is yours truly.

alrite time to change into spiderwoman mode. gonna webcast!


-Sign Off @ 5:36 PM :)