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> yay~ i'm goin to embark on mOi nite cycling in abt...
> Just wanna say.. Happy 2nd month, *Dear!! but we ...
> today... is mOi Lovely, sweet, chiO mommy's bdae!!...
> That's it. It's gonna be a very BUSY week for mOi....
> i am.. lazy to go home, but i miss mOi family.. l...
> the weather is so cooling, and the rain felt so r...
> yay~ mid term is finally comin to an end soon.. er...
> About 5 yrs ago, a guy named DyLan and a girL name...
> yawns.. it's 3 am in the morning and i am so tired...
> i NEED money!! i'm soOoo broke!! i need to WoRK.. ...

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

finaLLy submitted mi social wrk mid term repOrt.. after everything done.. i actuaLLy feLt dat it's okie.. not so much of a heLL.. Just dat i started tOo late dOing it.. edit da repOrt til 430 am last nite cos i reaLised i did sth wrong somewhere.. argh~ *Dear waited for mOi da whole nite! and even gave mi a massage (even thou i still owe him one.. oops!) cos i feel so tired after sittin in frOnt of the laptop da entire day.. you r so sweet.. *hugs*

so.. now is time for mOi to bLog again.. relax a bit lar!! okie, talking abt the nite cycling "adventure" last friday.. it was.. erm.. FUN! yup but bimbo mOi fell down again.. somemore hit at the same place when i had a trip durin netbaLL triaL.. PAIN!! got blue black le.. *sob*
hmm but guess i'm lucky not to be knock down by vehicLes rite? chOi!! pUi!! oh i was sayin??

oh ya.. here here.. nah! some photos dat i toOk dat nite.. can u imagine mOi poOr camera died due to toO mani pics taken? weLL, i toOk 110 shots.. Just 7 hrs of cycling.. which means there's photo takin whenever there's ANY interval or breaks!! crazy~ guess i'm kana influenced by mOi Lovely dearies gaLs-> Key and Yiwen.. haha! but seriOusLy we aLL had fun takin pics w moi cam and others' cam (even the haLL officiaL photographer is afraid of us!) wherever, whenever whole nite!! love ya 2 to bits!

Off We gO! wHeE~

mOi and yiw3n

mOi & GabrieL

mOi (extra) w Grp 5

mOi grp 4 mates!! @ Laborador Park

oOps, mOi block head's injured cos of me..

yup bimbo mi feLL just 10 min after we started cycLing! in order to siam mOi so i dun get disfigured, Bing Xiong fell too.. in de end he got injured, i din.. eh.. but i got blue black wor.. den mi kind aLumni senior offers to change bicycle w mi.. so nice! oh weLL, soon all the alumni seniors know mOi name.. cos i almost fall sOoo mani times.. sorry ah.. mi bicycle skills v Lousy!

at Lau Pat Sat.. w key, fang, clara, jac, wen, me!!

w oUr OAC heads

we r happy gaLs.. =)


wat is ALvin and wen dOing??

haLL king is turning madneSs!!

huiLin taken by Surprise by ziqi's saLivary.. erm swEet kiss

mOi Lovely neigbour Chiara =)

haLf of da jOurney cOmpLeted!

drenched? but cant stOp us from taking piCs! haa..

nice backgrOund..

i Like this one.. not the person thou..

GabrieL tryin to act coOL haha..

LoOk whaT the bicycLe has dOne to mi.. *sob*

4 babes and 1..hunk? Eee..haha!

we r stiLL young..

Lucky we r aLL Just in time to watch the ...

beautifuL sunrise..

aLL the waiting, falling, struggLing, and shivering due to the downpour are aLL worth while.. ~Nice! =)

-Sign Off @ 8:38 AM :)