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Thursday, March 27, 2008

this post is specially dedicated to my special someone..

it's amazing how love works. they always say absence makes the heart fonder right? hmm maybe it's true but in my opinion, i think it is more of the opposite cos i would love to spend everyday with you, sharing every moment with you.. cos i find myself more and more attached to you as days go by.. i dunno why everytime you bully me, irritate me, attitude me but i just cant seem to be really mad at you. it's Like i've lost the ability to be angry when the person is you. haha.. but well, i oso wun such situations to happen too la.. becos if it really happen, it meant i am really mad at you and something bad it must be. but i really cant imagine days which i will not be able to see you after i graduate! :( but yea we will try.. we will try..

it's amazing how our paths crossed too. from strangers during orientation camp until we met during the Perfect Match game to acquaintances den from dancemates in Temasek Dance to dance couple for Dance production 06, den from friends to good friends especially during dance in year 2, and now to what we are now. :) i guess we have liked each other a little at different times and everything is just off timing plus situations not allowing us to do anything too. but yea it's all fated isnt it? haha it seems that it has already been decided right from the start we agreed to be the lead dancers for Tiente.

okay i have this small confession to make. when i first saw you, i thot u look really hilarious.. HAHA dun ask me why.. i guess it's ur face. i remembered i was pretty shocked and surprised that you were in the pageant. oops. dann bad! LOL. after we collaborated in year 1, den i thot you were quite charismatic! haha but yea nothing back then, since i was attached and you were.. hmm.. liking many other gals.. ahahhahaahaha okay la not many gals.. what i meant is you have other gals in your mind.. den the second time collaborating with you is for DP 07, and well.. co-choreographing with you is quite fun i would say! 'ive got this icebox where my heart used to be...' kinda sad that we din exactly get to perform together in this year's DU, since we can say that things started to surface during DU period.. haha.. yea and i had always think you r a nice person except for your scandals! lol.. okay i meant it has always been great knowing you. and really glad we got to know each other much better now. right dear?

i guess our true matchmaker had been dance.. it's like if you haven been psychoed by shuyi to join dance, you might not be able to realise this very passion for it. and if we had nv agreed to be the leads in year 1, i guess maybe we will not be couple now? i meant maybe the lead is someone else and you could have been with the person now? haha.. it's a nice start and i guess it's a small milestone to what had contributed to the start of this relationship. i am glad we both share the common love for dance.. since it is the one that brought us together , and the one that brought us closer to each other.. it is always nice to have someone sharing the same interest with you.. and i always feel so happy to be able to share the same stage with you. :)

thanks for being my nerd partner (Tiente) and my pillar of support during and off dance. thanks for being the young child at times and just being crazy to keep me sane. thanks for being the pimpofthenation! haha okays that is redundant i know... but yea.. thanks for everything for i know i can always depend on you all the way til we get old and we can look back this journey in temasek hall and many years to come together! :)

i heart you! happy 7th month darling!

-Sign Off @ 8:13 PM :)