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Friday, December 16, 2005

yes i know. i know. i have been missing for 5 days.. well, i was busy lar! had dance blast! camp on monday that lasted 3 days and onli ended with a "blast" on wed evening.. well camps are usually filled with games, BBQ and this camp is no exception too.. but wat we have in addition are the many dance classes tt consists of intro to salsa, lindy hop, jazz and basic techniques tt a good dancer shud have.. i realli enjoyed myself with the many exposures to different dances, but the stretching is a real killer!! they caused mi poor pathetic pair of legs and esp moi inner thigh to hurt like mad.. even when i climb up and down the stairs!! argh~ but well, as the instructor says.. "no pain, no gain"..

another thing tt adds to the highlight of the dance camp is the mini dance competition that the 6 diffferent smaller groups has to prepare.. the song is pre-mixed by our "lovely" seniors and and chosen according to lots.. so well, we dun have much of a choice if u got a so-called bad song.. aniwaes, we need to come up with the choreography and it wud be incentive if we cud think of a storyline to go along w dance.. plus, entertainment value counts in too! this is indeed stressful when u onli got 2 pathetic nites to prepare and there's no seniors to realli help us w the choreography!! i kinda regret joining the camp due to this and cos mi group consists of few pple.. wat's worse is they r not very on! but oh well, overall i admit i had fun la.. luffing at ourselves, others and makin many new frenz.. i guess this is the best part larr..

initially i thot i will end up sleeping after the breaking of camp.. budden, i went Bugis with mi 8 other dance mates.. haa.. we weren't in the same group but ya.. we just went there hopin to get some cheap nice track pants and oso to have dinner.. try to make up for the poor food served durin the camp.. we had FONG SENG meals for our lunch and dinner for 3 days straight!! *pukes* well, after dinner we went arcade and thereafter movies at cineleisure.. a pity we got there too late and wat's left is onli, "The Descent".. and we got the first row.. how pathetic.. btw the movie is not exactly nice and i guess it's not worth ur ticket money.. so pple out there.. DUN go and watch the movie kaes?

i carn believe the whole group of us actually waited til 6 am and took cab/bus back home/hall.. i truely enjoyed their company thou i was reali tired after the movies.. we walk, scream, take crazy photos in front of the fountain at bugis w many eyes stain at us, sing, dance, talk and trying to tolerate Joo Teng's lame jokes.. HAHA. well, we r all very high pple..

and guess wat? after returning back hall, i went to bathe immediately cos i am meetin seek at 8am to "chiong" for the Mango sale islandwide.. this meant i din sleep!! and i have a very high risk of collapsing anywhere anytime!! the best part is i still went ahead to cut, dye hair after shoppin, which oso means that i wore mi contact lens for abt 40 hrs!! omg..!! hee but i am quite happy since i got a dress and a long skirt from Mango (well the sale machaim no sale for mi since i got these 2 items at $118 -_-"), a skirt and a pair of earrings from seek mommy and i got mi haircut (finally..!!). the thing is i am truely wolly BROKE now!! *sob*

*yawns* think i betta sleep now.. seriously deprived of sleep sia..zZz..

-Sign Off @ 4:50 PM :)